The Era of eCommerce Cloud-based Solutions for Inventory Management Software

Running an inventory manually is very time consuming, outdated and a waste of resources. Thanks to the cloud-based solutions for inventory management software, being in the e-commerce and retail business got much more easier and efficient!

Poor inventory management can be a barrier to your revenue growth, ruin customer experience and your brand image in a case of bad reviews due loosing track of the supply chain, delays, and other unwanted scenarios.

However, you can always take the control by implementing an inventory management software.

Synchronizing your e-commerce system with your inventory management software on a cloud-based solution, will keep all the platforms on the same page and updated with data in real-time – there is no need to go absurd and do all that via Excel spreadsheets.

Whether you’re a small business or established e-commerce retailer, a great e-commerce inventory software helps you save time, reduce overselling, and scales your business with upgraded control and clarity into your supply chain.

Cloud-based e-commerce IMS solutions can provide you with various features, such as:

– Multichannel eCommerce synthesis across channels, various platforms, and more.

– Automatically follow what goes in and out of the inventory during the whole supply chain process.

– Easily process connections between inventory, orders, distribution, and providers.

– Customize alerts and triggers to inform you of low inventory levels and procurement.

– Design custom combinations for real-time transfer of inventory assets to any tools you use for your business with the supplier e-Commerce API.

What kind of e-commerce business are you running? Depending on your niche, there are 2 types of IMS solutions.

  1. Basic Inventory Management Software Tracking basic inventory transactions, distribution data, and stocking assistance. It covers the basic needs of a business, yet if the company starts to scale it would not be able to serve you much.

However, if your e-commerce business has less than 1000 sales monthly, and maybe you also own a brick and mortar shop besides your e-commerce website, this is the solution for you.

  1. Multi-Channel Inventory Management Software – This is the more advanced solution than the basic IMS. It can synchronize all the channels from your sales funnel, provide reports and in-depth tracking, it is a cloud-based solution and has a ton of features that improve the automation.

If your business has over 1000 sales monthly and many physical retail shops among your e-commerce website, this is the best inventory management software solution for your company needs.

Are you ready to thrive in the e-commerce industry and bring your physical retail business online? Make sure you make the right pick for your business need when you are choosing from basic and multichannel e-commerce inventory management software.

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